We work alongside founders from idea to market. Our team and expert advisors partner with world-class entrepreneurs to develop their product and business.


We make investments in early stage startups led by outstanding people, to build momentum for launch and initial growth.


We leverage our digital expertise, network and capital to help startups scale into larger markets and get to the next level

How we back businessesGrowth investing is our core business, but our funding platform gives us unmatched flexibility to enable us to invest in a variety of ways across the lifecycle of your company.

Got a product that fits a market, and need to ramp up your operations? That’s the kind of early stage we invest in.

For your company’s international expansion and global dominance. Or ‘Series B+’ if you’re feeling secretive about it.

We might be buying out your early backers. Or taking on a whole portfolio, from a timed-out fund. Whatever the situation, we look for ambitious tech companies ready to grow.

Once we’ve invested, we can stay for the long term, through every stage of growth. We back many businesses through to IPO or exit.

We don’t do seed funding directly. But we do partner with seed funds across Europe, to support businesses as they scale.

Our PortfolioTechnology investing is not just our specialty, it’s our passion.

Want to be among these great companies?We are proud to be backing the next generation of SaaS leaders

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Explore new opportunities for your business and help us contribute to the SaaS Investments ecosystem. We are always open to great collaboration opportunities.