PayRue – European based wallet focusing on exchange cryptocurrencies.

PayRue is a London based cryptocurrency wallet and exchange provider.

PayRue was founded in 2018 to support the growth and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by offering an application that allows people to exchange, hold and transfer cryptocurrency in a user-friendly way supported with competitive commission and high security.

Our application is available all over the world through the Apple Store, Google Play Store and as a Web application.

PayRue is offering services that will support the growth for cryptocurrency as a new emerging asset class. With already built and working technology and growing user base we feel we are well positioned to further expand our user base whilst adding on new services and cryptocurrencies.

PayRue is very excited about the future and is working on numerous applications, services and blockchains aiming to offer the best exchange services, customer execution and security. We aim to become a global financial service provider of cryptocurrencies and fiat services.

In the very near future PayRue plans to include adding fiat to crypto services, debit cards and insurance.